(a)   The Chief of Police and the Police Captains shall receive a uniform allowance for the purchase of equipment and additional civilian clothing and dry cleaning reimbursement authorized pursuant to Section 305.01 of Rules and Regulations of the Ravenna City Police Department, worn while on duty, up to the sum of seven hundred dollars ($700.00) per year.  Each part-time police officer shall receive four hundred fifty dollars ($450.00) per year in clothing and equipment/dry cleaning reimbursement.  Each part-time radio dispatch clerk and part-time parking enforcement officer shall receive a three hundred fifty dollar ($350.00) per year uniform reimbursement.
   (b)   In December, the Police Chief, Police Captains employed as of December first of each year shall be provided a four hundred dollar ($400.00) uniform maintenance allowance. This payment shall only be made to those employees who are in full-time employment with the City and on a prorated share for those completed months that the employee worked during that calendar year. This payment shall be made directly to the employee and be used for uniform maintenance and acquisition.
   (c)     Employees entering on duty shall receive the full first year reimbursement for his or her first year of service, and the following year authorization shall be on a pro-rata basis. 
(Ord. 2016-048.  Passed 4-4-16.)