220.001   Clerk of Council.
220.01   Regular meetings.
220.02   Special meetings; notice.
220.03   Standing committees.
220.04   Special committees.
220.05   Expulsion of members from meetings.
220.06   Powers of President; appeals to Council.
220.07   Absence of President or President Pro Tem.
220.08   Attendance of officials; reports.
220.09   Order of business.
220.10   Agenda.
220.11   Rules of procedure.
220.12   Plat attachments to certain ordinances.
Powers of City - see CHTR. Art. III
Mayor's legislative powers - see CHTR. Art. IV, §7
Council generally - see CHTR. Art. X
Ordinances and resolutions - see CHTR. Art. XI; ADM.  Ch. 222
President; election, term, duties and vacancy - see CHTR.  Art. XIII
President Pro Tem - see CHTR. Art. XIII, §4
Council meetings - see ADM. 208.04