2.62.020  Members–Appointment–Qualifications.
   A.   Regular members. The Commission shall consist of 5 members appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the Common Council.
   B.   Alternate members. There shall also be appointed 2 alternate members to the Commission. The alternate members shall be appointed in the same manner as the regular members and shall have the same qualifications. The alternate members should attend every meeting as though they were regular members of the Commission. The alternate members can participate and vote at the meeting only when there is an absence or recusal at the meeting that
results in less than 5 members being present or voting on a particular matter. Each alternate member shall be designated as either the first or second alternate, with the first alternate participating to fill the first seat that is vacant and the second alternate participating if there is a second vacancy.  If a regular member should leave during a meeting and the alternate members are not already participating, then the alternates may fill the seat in the same manner as previously described.
   C.   Qualifications. Members and alternates shall be appointed with due regard for proper representation by professionals in the disciplines of history, architectural history, architecture, archaeology, planning, urban planning, American studies, American civilization, paleontology, law, cultural geography, and cultural anthropology to the extent that such professionals are available in the community and have a demonstrated interest, experience, or knowledge in historic preservation. Additionally, due regard shall be given to suitable representation of stakeholders from within historic districts, including but not limited to the following: property owners, residents, merchants, business owners, developers, investors, active members of a downtown organization, active members of a neighborhood association, and others with a direct stake in the conservation of historic neighborhoods.
(Ord. 6423 (part), 2020)