10.40.330  Appeal of violation notices.
   Any vehicle owner who receives a parking violation notice may appeal the imposition of a penalty fee within 7 days of receiving the notice of violation. Failure of the vehicle owner to appeal a notice of violation within 7 days will constitute a waiver of any appeal for that violation. The filing of an appeal will toll the imposition of any late fees for that violation. City staff will initially screen all appeals and will have the authority to administratively resolve any appeals where it is determined an error has been made, or if it is determined that dismissing or reducing the violation is in the best interests of justice. If the appeal is not resolved at the administrative level, the vehicle owner may choose to have the appeal heard by the Parking Advisory Board. If an appeal is taken to the Parking Advisory Board an additional fee will be imposed to help defray the cost of the appeal. The appeal fee will be established by resolution of the City Council. The Parking Advisory Board may affirm the violation, dismiss the violation, or reduce the penalties and fees which have been imposed. If the Board dismisses the parking violation the appeal fee shall be automatically waived. If the Board affirms the violation in whole, or in part, the vehicle owner will have 48 hours to pay the outstanding balance on all fees and costs or a late fee equivalent to the late fee for violations that are more than 7 days old will be imposed in addition to the penalty fee. So long as the balance parking fees remains outstanding, additional late fees consistent with the schedule adopted by the City Council shall continue to be imposed.
(Ord. 6324 (part), 2019)