10.40.310  Parking violation penalties.
   A.   Parking enforcement officers. In addition to enforcement by law enforcement officers, the Chief of Police shall have the authority to designate parking enforcement officers for the purpose of enforcing the parking ordinances contained in the municipal code. Parking enforcement officers shall be supplied with appropriate identification and with the necessary forms for providing notice of parking violations.
   B.   Notice of violation. Notice of violation of any parking regulation shall be given by attachment of a notice to the vehicle. The notice shall state the violation, the amount of the penalty, a statement advising of the late fee and when it will apply, and any other information necessary to support the violation.
   C.   Owners liability for violations. Every person in whose name a vehicle is registered or licensed shall be responsible for parking, stopping, or standing of a vehicle in violation of this code. It is not a defense that the vehicle was illegally parked by another, unless it is shown that at the time the violation occurred the vehicle was being used without the consent of the registered owner.
   D.   Penalty. The owner or operator of any vehicle parked in violation of this chapter, shall within 7 days from the date when the notice of violation was attached to the vehicle, pay to the city’s Finance Office, or through online or other methods as the city may choose to provide, a penalty fee for and in full satisfaction of the parking violation, in an amount set by resolution of the City Council. If the person fails to pay the penalty fee within 7 days, he or she shall pay an additional late fee in an amount set by resolution of the City Council. The city may impose additional late fees as set by a resolution of the City Council. All parking fees shall be considered paid when the full amount is received in the Finance Office.
(Ord. 6324 (part), 2019: Ord. 6045 (part), 2015: Ord. 6023 (part), 2014)