10.40.190  Storage and parking of trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles.
   A.   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to minimize adverse aesthetic impacts that large vehicles have in residential zoning districts by limiting the type of the vehicles, their size and the number of the vehicles.
   B.   Allowed storage. Vehicles and trailers of all types, including commercial, travel, boat, camping, storage and hauling, shall not be parked or stored on any lot occupied by a dwelling or on any lot in any residential, commercial or industrial district except in accordance with the below provisions. The parking of vehicles which do not meet the below provisions shall be allowed only if the vehicle is temporarily parked in conjunction with provision of service to that property.
      1.   Number. Only 1 vehicle used principally for commercial purposes shall be permitted on each property in a residential zoning district, provided no other provisions of this section are violated.
      2.   Vehicle size. Vehicles parked in residential districts shall not exceed any of the following:
         a.   A Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 12,000 pounds or more;
         b.   A height of 7 feet from top to bottom; or
         c.   A length of 22 feet from front to back. The height measurement excludes racks less than 4 feet in height. These restrictions shall not apply to recreational vehicles. For the purposes of the measurement of vehicle dimensions, the height of a vehicle shall be the vertical distance between the lowest part of the tires of the measured vehicle to the top of the highest part of the vehicle. The length of a vehicle shall be the horizontal distance between the front edge of the vehicle to the rear edge of the vehicle. For purposes of these measurements, accessories, attachments and materials fixed or carried upon such vehicle shall be considered part of the vehicle, with the exception of aerial antennas.
      3.   Commercial vehicles hauling explosive, toxic or hazardous materials. Commercial vehicles used for hauling explosives, gasoline, liquefied petroleum products, toxic or hazardous materials shall not be stored in or adjacent to a residential district. Parking is permitted only for the purposes of unloading or dispensing.
      4.   Clear sight triangle. At no time shall a motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, travel trailer or hauling trailer be parked in the boulevard, across a sidewalk, or within the required sight triangle.
      5.   Parking of vehicles. Any vehicle which does not meet the above provisions, and is used for the storage or transport of merchandise, equipment or business supplies shall be located on a commercial or industrial lot which contains an existing principal structure. Such a vehicle shall be screened by a 6-foot opaque fence or plant materials from any abutting residential lots or housed in an enclosed building.
(Ord. 6324 (part), 2019: Ord. 6023 (part), 2014: Ord. 3934, 2003)