2.60.090  Meetings–Rules.
   The Planning Commission shall hold at least 1 regular meeting each month. It shall adopt such rules for transactions, findings and determinations which shall be a public record. Attendance of 5 or more members constitutes a quorum of the Planning Commission. A motion passes upon a majority vote of the Planning Commission members in attendance, except as provided below.
   If the Planning Commission is acting as the Zoning Board of Adjustment pursuant to § 17.54.010B., the concurring vote of at least 2/3 of the members of the Board is necessary to decide in favor of the applicant on an appeal, special exception, or variance. Accordingly, no such action may be taken unless 6 members of the Board are in attendance at the public hearing. For any other purpose, a quorum of the Board for any other action is 5 members, and any motion other than one regarding an appeal, special exception, or variance passes upon majority vote of the members in attendance.
(Ord. 6251 (part), 2018: Ord. 6036 (part), 2015: prior code § 2-239)