Article I.  Generally
   13.08.010   Purpose of provisions.
   13.08.020   Water furnished subject to provisions.
   13.08.030   Water tapping— Permits required.
   13.08.040   Tapping connection—Right to work permit—Application.
   13.08.050   Taps and connections to be made by city.
   13.08.060   Authority to refuse permits for failure to obey regulations.
   13.08.070   Service inspection and re-inspection fees.
   13.08.080   Use of fees.
   13.08.090   Responsibility for costs—Indemnification of city.
   13.08.100   Connections for fire protection.
   13.08.110   Turning water off after testing new installations required.
   13.08.120   Cross connections.
   13.08.130   Authority to restrict use of water for cooling or sprinkling.
   13.08.140   Wasting water.
   13.08.150   Unlawful turning on/off or interference.
   13.08.160   Taking of water from fire hydrants.
   13.08.170   Damaging of water system, fire hydrants, mains or connections—Notification of city —Payment of repair costs.
   13.08.180   Right of city to shut off service for purpose of making repairs, connections or extensions or cleaning.
   13.08.190   Shutting off water for failure to repair private sewer line or house service sewer line or to empty septic tank or repair any onsite system.
   13.08.200   Denial of city liability.
Article II.  Service Lines
   13.08.210   Galvanized iron or lead pipes—Replacement required when in need of repair.
   13.08.220   Curb stops and shut-off valves.
   13.08.230   Curb boxes and valve boxes for private services.
   13.08.240   Cutoffs.
   13.08.250   Control valves.
   13.08.260   Use of electrical devices to thaw.
Article III.  Meters
   13.08.270   One per service maximum—Auxiliary meters.
   13.08.280   Size determination.
   13.08.290   Location—Generally.
   13.08.300   User’s responsibility for water meter damages.
   13.08.310   External meters.
   13.08.320   Accessibility.
   13.08.330   Bypasses.
   13.08.340   Remote reading device installation.
   13.08.350   Meter testing.
   13.08.360   Notice of breakage or stoppage.
   13.08.370   Notice of removal.
   13.08.380   Breaking seal or bypassing prohibited.
   13.08.390   New account-related fees.
Article IV.  Service Charges
   13.08.400   Rates prescribed.
   13.08.410   Water conservation measures established.
   13.08.420   Exception to metered service.
   13.08.430   Water service configuration and water meter placement per utility user classification.
   13.08.440   Billing generally.
   13.08.450   Billing when meter not read.
   13.08.460   Adjustment of bill in case of leaks.
   13.08.470   Failure to pay.
   13.08.480   When connection required.