2.86.070 Powers.
   The Board shall have any and all powers available under state law, including but not limited to the following:
   A.   To establish a collection of public library materials to be loaned on a pay or non-pay basis and make reasonable charge for use thereof;
   B.   To enter into any contracts for the provision of or for the improvement of public library services;
   C.   To seek and solicit bids and proposals pursuant to SDCL Chapters 5-18A, 5-18B, 5-18C, and 5-18D;
   D.   To accept any gift, grant, devise, or bequest made or offered by any person, private agency, agency of state government, the federal government, or any of its agencies, for library purposes; and
   E.   To establish a special public library gift fund; and
   F.   The Board shall have the power to sell, trade, loan, destroy, or otherwise dispose of any vehicles, equipment, or other personal property which the Board has, by appropriate motion, determined is no longer necessary, useful, or suitable for the purpose for which it was acquired. The Board shall follow all applicable state law, city ordinance, and city policy for disposal of surplus property. Upon passage of a resolution declaring any property surplus, the Board shall promptly notify the Finance Officer of such action.
(Ord. 5969 (part), 2013)