2.86.060 Library Director created.
   A.   There is hereby created the Library Director position. The Director shall be appointed by the Board and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.
   B.   The duties of the Director shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
      1.   Serve as secretary to the Board and keep all its records;
      2.   Prepare such reports, budgets, and other documents as are required by the Board or are required by the Common Council;
      3.   Appoint such staff as are necessary to operate the public library within its budgetary limitations.
      4.   Select and purchase all public library materials for use by the library in its provision of public library services within policies established by the Board;
      5.   Publish and enforce the policies of the Board;
      6.   Execute all contracts and agreements approved by the Board;
      7.   Keep an accurate account of the financial transactions of the public library;
      8.   Review and approve payment of bills and claims against the libraries; and
      9.   Carry out any other activities authorized by law that the Board consider appropriate in the development, improvement, and provision of public library services.
(Ord. 5969 (part), 2013)