2.86.030 Members–Appointment–Terms–Vacancies.
   A.   The Mayor shall recommend and the Common Council shall confirm each citizen member of the Board for a term of 3 years; provided that the current citizen members of the Board will serve until their appointments expire. Thereafter, appointments shall be made as they expire.
   B.   The Common Council shall appoint and confirm one of its members to serve as a full voting member pursuant to § 2.86.020.A.2.
   C.   In case of any vacancy in membership of the Board due to death, resignation or otherwise, a successor shall be appointed to fill the unexpired portion of the term of the member he or she replaces. The Mayor with the confirmation of the Common Council shall after public hearing have authority to remove any member of the Board for cause which cause shall be stated in writing and made a part of the record of the hearing.
(Ord. 5969 (part), 2013)