2.86.020 Members–Qualifications–Compensation.
   A.   The Board shall be composed of at least 6 members. Board membership shall consist of the following:
      1.   Five citizen members who shall be competent citizens broadly representative of the population of the city and shall be residents of the city.
      2.   One member shall be a member of the Common Council who shall be selected by the Common Council to serve as a full voting member of the Board during that member’s term of office, pursuant to SDCL § 14-2-35.
      3.   Additional members of the Board may be annually appointed by governing bodies who contract with the Board as allowed in SDCL § 14-2-36. Any such appointment shall be for a term of one year. The residency requirement shall be within the boundaries established for the governing body who is contracting with the Board.
   B.   Members shall be appointed as hereinafter provided and shall serve without compensation; however, nothing herein shall limit payment to members as reimbursement for expenses incurred in the performance of duties as members of the Board in accordance with applicable city policies and regulations.
(Ord. 5969 (part), 2013)