13.32.010   Definitions.
   13.32.020   Designated.
   13.32.030   General supervision and care—Duties of Parks Division Manager.
   13.32.040   Determination of portion to be platted—Fees for cemetery parcels—County purchases.
   13.32.050   Sale of cemetery parcels and perpetual care—Cemetery parcel deed and certificate of purchase for perpetual care.
   13.32.060   Purchaser to hold    city harmless for burial in wrong cemetery parcel or damage to improvements.
   13.32.070   Cemetery and Cemetery Endowment Funds.
   13.32.080   Repealed.
   13.32.090   Repealed.
   13.32.100   Use of money received.
   13.32.110   Plantings and improvements generally.
   13.32.120   Cemetery decorations.
   13.32.130   Grading, seeding and maintenance of grounds.
   13.32.140   Irrigation.
   13.32.150   Cemetery parcel regulations.
   13.32.160   Indigent burials.
   13.32.170   Lot corners.
   13.32.180   Elevated grave spaces, grave mounds, memorials, grave markers or other structures.
   13.32.190   Grading of cemetery parcels.
   13.32.200   Memorials required to comply with cemetery regulations.
   13.32.210   Memorial locations.
   13.32.220   Foundations for memorials.
   13.32.230   Aboveground burials.
   13.32.240   Receptacles for flowers or plants.
   13.32.250   Burial permits and certificates of cremation.
   13.32.260   Digging of graves.
   13.32.270   Cemetery fees.
   13.32.280   Double burials and stack burials.
   13.32.290   Ossuariums and other city-owned burial structures.
   13.32.300   Cremation sections.
   13.32.310   Infant sections.
   13.32.320   Family memorial sections.
   13.32.330   Supervision of funerals.
   13.32.340   Vault required.
   13.32.350   Container for ashes of cremated remains.
   13.32.360   Funeral hours.
   13.32.370   Burials on Sunday or city-observed holiday.
   13.32.380   Disinterments.
   13.32.390   Visiting hours—Children under 14 to be accompanied by adult.
   13.32.400   Recreational activities not permitted.
   13.32.410   Required use of cemetery pathways and roads.
   13.32.420   Motor vehicle regulations.
   13.32.430   Animals prohibited.
   13.32.440   Interfering with funeral.
   13.32.450   No littering.
   13.32.460   Cemetery regulations.