Article I. General Provisions
   13.20.010   Responsibility for onsite wastewater system.
   13.20.020   Definitions.
Article II. Compliance Criteria
   13.20.030   Compliance with wastewater system requirements.
   13.20.040   Onsite wastewater systems to comply with rules.
   13.20.050   Onsite wastewater system design and type considerations.
   13.20.060   Types of treatment available to onsite wastewater systems.
   13.20.070   Wastewater to receive primary treatment prior to discharge to absorption system.
   13.20.080   Wastewater not allowed to surface on ground or enter state waters—Exception.
   13.20.090   Wastewater not to be discharged into unused wells, gravel pits, or rock formations.
   13.20.100   Drainage not to enter wastewater systems.
   13.20.110   Protection of potable water supply.
   13.20.120   Onsite wastewater system prohibited when public wastewater systems are available.
   13.20.130   Review of plans prior to onsite wastewater system construction permit approval.
Article III. Site Evaluation Requirements
   13.20.140   Determination of acceptability of lot or site to support onsite wastewater system.
   13.20.150   Separation required above ground water or geological formations.
   13.20.160   Minimum lot size required.
   13.20.170   Distance between onsite wastewater system components and pertinent ground features.
   13.20.180   Onsite wastewater system construction permit application requirements.
   13.20.190   Compliance with any other provisions of law.
   13.20.200   Completed site plan.
   13.20.210   Percolation tests required prior to approval and installation of absorption system.
   13.20.220   Soil observation pits and soil borings.
   13.20.230   Ground water determination.
   13.20.240   Field evaluation.
   13.20.250   Site evaluations during the platting stages.
Article IV. Sensitive Regional Areas
   13.20.260   Sensitive regional areas—Scope.
   13.20.270   Alterations in sensitive areas.
   13.20.280   Design criteria for sensitive regional areas for new or repaired onsite wastewater systems.
Article V. Design Flow Determination
   13.20.290   System sizing.
   13.20.300   Design flow.
   13.20.310   Wastewater flow capacity requirements of residential and non-residential establishments.
   13.20.320   Alternative method of determining wastewater flow capacity requirements for commercial or public service establishments.
   13.20.330   Alternative method of determining wastewater flow capacity requirements for public parks and marinas.
Article VI. Septic Tanks
   13.20.340   Design and construction requirements for septic tanks.
   13.20.350   Minimum capacities for septic tanks.
   13.20.360   Installation requirements for septic tanks.
Article VII. Treatment of Effluent
   13.20.370   Distribution of septic tank effluent to absorption fields.
   13.20.380   Distribution pipes.
   13.20.390   Gravity distribution.
   13.20.400   Additional requirements for drop boxes, distribution boxes, or valve boxes.
   13.20.410   Dual field systems.
   13.20.420   Dosing or pressure systems required when absorption systems are large.
   13.20.430   Dosing of effluent.
   13.20.440   Dosing chamber, pump pit, wet well, or lift station.
   13.20.450   Dosing devices for gravity distribution.
   13.20.460   Dosing devices for pressure distribution.
   13.20.470   Determining required absorption system area.
   13.20.480   Alternative method of determining required absorption trench system area.
   13.20.490   Class II dwelling sizing factors.
   13.20.500   Requirements for absorption trenches.
   13.20.510   Gravelless systems.
   13.20.520   Chamber systems.
   13.20.530   Requirements for absorption beds.
   13.20.540   Additional criteria for design and construction of absorption systems.
   13.20.550   Requirements for a mound or evapotranspiration system.
   13.20.560   Requirements for graywater system.
Article VIII. Alternative or Unconventional Systems
   13.20.570   Holding tanks.
   13.20.580   Requirements for vault privies.
   13.20.590   Requirements for unconventional systems.
   13.20.600   Unconventional systems to be used when water or electrical systems unavailable.
   13.20.610   Absorption or alternative water-carriage system permitted under certain circumstances.
   13.20.620   Seepage pits allowable.
   13.20.630   Cesspool, pit privy or other failing systems.
Article IX. State and Local Policies
   13.20.640   Conflict.
   13.20.650   Disposal of septage.
   13.20.660   Abandoned systems to be disconnected, plugged, dismantled, pumped, removed, and filled.
Article X. Management and Administration
   13.20.670   Scope.
   13.20.680   Purpose.
   13.20.690   Objective.
   13.20.700   Applicability.
   13.20.710   Administration.
   13.20.720   Interagency coordination.
   13.20.730   Alternative systems.
   13.20.740   Wastewater disposal.
   13.20.750   Abandonment of onsite domestic wastewater disposal systems.
   13.20.760   Standards applicability.
   13.20.770   Applications.
   13.20.780   Additional factors affecting the application process.
   13.20.790   System observations.
   13.20.800   Sewerage system permits.
   13.20.810   Operations and maintenance requirements.
   13.20.820   Materials prohibited in on-site wastewater facilities.
   13.20.830   Appeal procedure.
   13.20.840   Waiver of regulations.
   13.20.850   Liability.
   13.20.860   Conflict.
   13.20.870   Penalties.
   13.20.880   Severability.