Article I. General Provisions
   13.16.010   Purpose of provisions.
   13.16.020   Public access to information.
   13.16.030   When connection required.
   13.16.040   Unsanitary disposal of waste prohibited.
   13.16.050   Disposal of wastewater to storm sewers or natural outlet prohibited.
   13.16.060   Onsite systems and the like prohibited.
   13.16.070   Plumbing code applicable to private wastewater systems.
   13.16.080   Nuisance declared.
Article II. Building Sewers and Connections
   13.16.090   Authority to use, alter or make connection.
   13.16.100   Authority to refuse for failure to obey regulations.
   13.16.110   Taps and connections to be made by the city.
   13.16.130   Right to work permit—Application.
   13.16.140   Responsibility for costs—Indemnification of city.
   13.16.150   Building sewer required for each premises.
   13.16.160   Surface runoff and groundwater prohibited.
   13.16.170   Inspection of building sewer construction.
   13.16.180   Extension of public infrastructure to accommodate individual service connections.
   13.16.190   Special connections—Clean water to the sanitary sewer (sump pumps).
Article III. Use of Public Sewers
   13.16.200   Clean water prohibited from sanitary sewer.
   13.16.210   Materials prohibited in sewers.
   13.16.220   Action resulting from deposit of deleterious materials.
   13.16.230   Industrial waste permit.
   13.16.240   Interceptors.
   13.16.250   Screens required.
   13.16.260   Pretreatment facility maintenance.
   13.16.270   Monitoring, sampling, record keeping, reporting, notice, control manhole and flow measurement requirements.
   13.16.280   Testing and sampling procedures.
   13.16.290   Special agreements for unusual strength wastewater.
   13.16.300   Authority to require compliance with federal categorical pretreatment standards.
Article IV. Service Charges
   13.16.310   Tapping fees.
   13.16.320   Industrial waste permit fees.
   13.16.330   Connection fees.
   13.16.340   Service inspection and re-inspection fees.
   13.16.350   Sewer construction fees.
   13.16.360   Sewer use charge.
   13.16.370   Annual contracts.
   13.16.380   Billing.
   13.16.390   Use of fees.
Article V. Appeals
   13.16.400   Generally.
   13.16.410   Filing.
   13.16.420   Procedure for conduct of hearing.
Article VI. Enforcement
   13.16.430   Prosecution for damage to system.
   13.16.440   Inspection of premises of industrial users.
   13.16.450   Observance of safety rules for industrial users.
   13.16.460   Notice of violation for industrial users.
   13.16.470   Violation—Penalty—Industrial users.
   13.16.480   Violation—Liability for related costs.
Article VII. Liquid Waste Haulers Regulations
   13.16.490   Applicability.
   13.16.500   Interagency cooperation.
   13.16.510   Liquid waste disposal.
   13.16.520   Liquid waste haulage.
   13.16.530   Liquid waste haulage permits.
   13.16.540   Operation.
   13.16.550   Discharge of liquid waste through other facilities.
   13.16.560    Liability.
   13.16.570   Penalties.