3.25.060  Downtown Business Improvement Board.
   There is hereby created a Downtown Business Improvement Board.
   A.   Composition. The Board shall consist of 5 owners of property within the business area, who shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Common Council. Of the 5, 3 shall own property within Zone 1 and 2 shall own property within Zone 2. A single property owner who owns property in both zones may be appointed to represent either zone. For purposes of this section, a property owner includes the following:
      1.   An officer or director of a corporate property owner;
      2.   A manager or member of a limited liability company that owns property;
      3.   A partner of a partnership that owns property; and
      4.   A person designated in writing as the representative of an owner of property within the District.
   B.   Terms. Upon initial appointment, 2 of the members representing Zone 1 and 1 member representing Zone 2 shall be appointed for 2-year terms, and 1 member representing each zone shall be appointed for 1-year terms. Thereafter, all members of the Board shall be appointed to serve a 2-year term. A member of the Board may serve more than 1 term.
   C.   Vacancies. The Mayor, with the approval of the Common Council, shall fill any vacancy for the remainder of the term vacated.
   D.   Officers. The Board shall annually select from its members a chair, vice chair, and secretary.
   E.   Compensation. All members of the Board shall serve as such without compensation, except for actual expenses, which shall be subject to approval of the Common Council.
(Ord. 6370, 2020: Ord. 5591 (part), 2010)