6.12.035  Exceptions.
   A.   Notwithstanding the provisions of § 6.12.030 of this chapter, the following areas are exempt from the requirements of that section:
      1.   Braeburn Addition-West of Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery at the hockey rink;
      2.   Wilderness Park-East of City Springs Road and north of the picnic area;
      3.   Knollwood Metering Dam North of Racine Street and west of LaCrosse Street; and
      4.   Robbinsdale Park-South of the picnic area, east of Harney Little League complex and north of Fairmont Boulevard; and
      5.   Public park in the Rapid City Greenway west of East Boulevard to Fifth Street, and south of New York Street and the private property along New York Street to Rapid Creek on the south.
   B.   The requirements of § 6.08.270 of this title shall apply to these designated areas.
(Ord. 5245, 2007: Ord. 3933, 2003: Ord. 3429 (part), 1998)