2.76.080  Powers–Use of proceedings records in legal actions.
   A.   The Board shall have power to contract for supplies and services, including promotion, necessary to the operation and maintenance of the Civic Center, and for the rental of the same or any part thereof; to fix and collect rentals and charges for admission; to schedule and determine priorities among activities proposed to be conducted in the Civic Center, to allow claims for supplies and services necessary to the operation and maintenance of the Civic Center, and to do all other things necessary and proper to assure the maximum use of the civic center for the general welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants and industries and the sufficiency of the revenues thereof for the payment of all proper charges thereon. The Board shall have the specific power to incur expenses for promotion of the Civic Center both within the state and without the state.
   B.   The Board shall have the power to sell, trade, loan, destroy, or otherwise dispose of any vehicles, equipment, or other personal property which the Board has, by appropriate motion, determined is no longer necessary, useful, or suitable for the purpose for which it was acquired. The Board shall follow all applicable state law, city ordinance, and city policy for disposal of surplus property. Upon passage of a resolution declaring any property surplus, the Board shall promptly notify the Finance Officer of such action.
   C.   Copies of proceedings of the Board, certified by its appointed secretary, shall be competent as evidence in any legal action or proceedings, as authorized by SDCL § 9-52-23.
(Ord. 5931, 2013: prior code § 2-508)