2.28.010  Approval as to form, legality and ability to administer.
   All ordinances, resolutions and contract documents shall, before presentation to the Council, have been approved as to form and legality by the City Attorney or his or her authorized representative, and shall have been examined and approved for administration by the Mayor or his or her authorized representative, where there are substantive matters of administration involved.  All such instruments shall have first been referred to the head of the department under whose jurisdiction the administration of the subject matter of the ordinance, resolution or contract document would devolve and be approved by the department head; provided, however, that if approval is not given, then the same shall be returned to the Mayor with a written memorandum of the reasons why the approval is withheld.  In the event the questioned instrument is not redrafted to meet a department head’s objection, or objection is not withdrawn and approval in writing given, then the Mayor shall so advise the Council and give the reasons advanced by the department head for withholding approval.
(Prior code § 2-274)