2.20.030  Fees for criminal background investigation.
   A.   In addition to the license application fee charged by the city, each applicant for a business license, the issuance of which is conditioned upon the applicant undergoing a criminal background investigation, shall pay to the Finance Office the amount DCI charges for such investigations.
   B.   The Police Department shall also charge each such license applicant $15, plus applicable sales tax, for fingerprinting and forwarding to DCI.  The applicant shall pay the $15, plus applicable sales tax, to the Finance Office at the time the license application fee and the DCI fee are paid.
   C.   For each city employment applicant, the Department to which the application is made shall pay the DCI investigation fee.  The fee for the city Police Department’s expense for fingerprinting and forwarding to DCI is hereby waived for city employment applicants.
(Ord. 5369, 2008)