(A)   License. No person, for gain or profit within the village, shall own, conduct, operate or manage any circus, show or other amusement, entertainment or exhibition or exhibit any painting, statuary, moving pictures, natural or artificial curiosity or give any concert or musical entertainment, without a license for such purpose.
   (B)   Exceptions. This section does not apply to exhibitions or entertainments given by persons not engaged in the giving of such exhibitions or entertainments as a business, nor to exhibitions or entertainments where the total proceeds of which are devoted to a benevolent purpose.
   (C)   Fees for license. The fees for the licenses for the purposes above named shall be as follows:
      (1)   For each circus, menagerie or other like show: $25 per day;
      (2)   For each theater or moving picture show:
         (a)   Three or more shows per week for which admission is charged: $200 per year;
         (b)   Two shows per week for which admission is charged: $100 per year; and
         (c)   One show per week for which admission is charged: $50 per year.
      (3)   For each tent show (other than circuses), concert or show, or other show or amusement, not otherwise provided for: $100 per day; and
      (4)   Carnivals or street fairs, which include refreshment stands, circular swings, merry-go- rounds, doll racks, shooting galleries, side shows and other similar devices or entertainments: $200 per week or every fractional part thereof.
   (D)   Inspection by officers. Any exhibition, show or entertainment, or any hall or theater, licensed under the provisions hereof, or any place where such exhibitions, show or other entertainment or amusement is held, shall, at any and all times, be open to and subject to the inspection of the Mayor, Village Attorney, Board of Health, Fire Chief and members of the Police Department. The person securing a license shall, at the time of securing the license, deposit with the Village Clerk such credentials as may be necessary to entitle such village officers to admission at any and all times to any such shows or places above mentioned.
   (E)   Issuance of license. Upon the written approval of the Mayor, the Clerk may issue the license for the purposes set forth.
   (F)   Carnivals. No license shall be issued to any carnival until the village’s Board of Trustees is satisfied from investigation that the carnival, if permitted to operate, shall operate in accordance with the following conditions: that there shall not be set up or operated any gambling device, lottery, number or paddle wheel, number board, punch board, other game of chance or any show or attraction causing or permitting the exposure or display of female breasts or organs of sexual union.
   (G)   Order. Every person licensed under this section shall keep good order in and about his or her place or exhibition or entertainment and no public dance shall be open or operated on Sunday. No tickets shall be sold or persons admitted to any hall or theater, except on official business when all of the seals are occupied in such hall or theater, nor shall persons be admitted to stand or be seated in the aisles, doorways or lobbies during the performance of any such show. Licensed theaters may be open and operated on Sundays, as well as other days of the week.
   (H)   Regulations. Every person receiving license under this section shall receive it subject to such conditions as the Mayor or Board of Trustees may from time to time impose in the interest of public health, safety and morals.
(Ord. 17-513, passed 8-7-2017)