Each permit application shall be submitted to the Chief of Police. The applicant must also comply with all regulations set forth by the USDA and/or IDA. Any false statements made by an applicant in a permit application will render the application null and void, and subject applicant to penalties as may provided by law. Each applicant shall provide:
   (A)   Its name, complete address and phone number. If the applicant is a corporation, partnership or other legal entity, the applicant shall designate an active officer, partner, member or other person acting on its behalf as agent to represent the organization and the agent must also provide the same information. The applicant, permittee or designee must notify the Chief of Police in writing of any change of address or name 14 days prior to the change;
   (B)   Current animal inventory, including the common and scientific name, sex, age and source of each animal, any permanent identification on the animal and identification of animals that have injured and/or killed a human being. The permittee must notify the Chief of Police within 24 hours of the addition, removal or death of a restricted animal listed on the inventory;
   (C)   Each animal identified in this division (B) above as dangerous shall be prohibited from any contact with members of the public;
   (D)   A copy of the current USDA permits approving the possession of species listed on the animal inventory;
   (E)   A plan for the quick and safe recapture of the animal(s) or, if recapture is impossible, for the destruction of any animal held under the permit;
   (F)   An itinerary of performances schedules 30 days prior to and 30 days after the performance in the city; and
   (G)   The permittee shall provide a certificate of liability insurance naming the city and the host agency as additional insureds in a minimum amount of $1,000,000.
(1980 Code, § 22.702)  Penalty, see § 90.999