(A)   No person, corporation, partnership or other legal entity shall maintain any restricted animal(s) in captivity in any unsanitary or unsafe condition or in a manner which results in the maltreatment or neglect of the animal(s), nor shall any species of animal be confined in any cage or enclosure which is inadequate for that species.
   (B)   Drinking water shall be provided at all times in clean containers, or as required to maintain the health of the animal. Pools shall be cleaned as needed to ensure good water quality. Enclosures shall provide adequate drainage of surface water.
   (C)   Animals shall be fed at least once per day or as directed by a veterinarian. Food provided shall be unspoiled and not contaminated. It shall be of a type and quantity sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of the animal(s) to which it is provided.
   (D)   Fecal and food waste shall be removed from cages daily and stored or disposed of in a manner which prevents noxious odors or insect infestation. Hard floors shall be scrubbed and disinfected weekly.
(1980 Code, § 22.611)  (Ord. 9001, passed 1-26-2004)  Penalty, see § 90.999