(A)   Generally.  The City Council has determined that the existence of and the spread of rabies throughout the city and its environs present a danger of the public health, safety and welfare. These provisions have, accordingly, been adopted. They shall apply in addition to any other rules, regulations or laws established in this chapter, by state law or otherwise. In the event of any conflict, the most restrictive provision shall apply.
   (B)   Animal Control Act.  The owner of any dog, cat or other animal and other persons to which the Animal Control Act of the state (ILCS Ch. 510, Act 5) shall apply, are specifically required to comply with all the provisions thereof as they pertain to rabies and rabies control to the same extent as if the same were set forth fully herein.
   (C)   Prevention of spread of rabies.  Whenever a case of rabies has occurred within the city or whenever the Mayor is apprehensive of the spread of rabies, the Mayor is hereby authorized and empowered to take all actions as may be necessary to prevent its spread or otherwise necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The Mayor may, among other actions, order that all dogs, cats or other animals in the city be kept confined within an enclosure, or kept muzzled and restrained by leash; that all owners of dogs, cats or other animals take prophylactic measures as the Mayor deems necessary to prevent the spread of rabies; or other measures as may be necessary to control the spread of rabies. The Mayor may also determine the area of the city in which, and the period of time during which, the orders shall be effective.
(1980 Code, § 22.110)  Penalty, see § 90.999