Upon the completion of any installation or alteration of electrical equipment for which a permit or license is required, the person, firm or corporation, making the installation or alteration shall notify the Inspection Department. An inspection of the installation or alteration shall be made within two business days of the time the notice is received, or as soon thereafter as practical. If the Electrical Inspector shall find the installation in conformity with the provisions of Chapters 113, 114, 115, 116, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 125, 127, 128 and this chapter, it shall approve the installation with the supply of electricity, and a written notice of the authorization be sent to the agency supplying the electrical service and contractor. If the authorization is issued for the installation, connection and use of a temporary service, the permit shall designate the time of expiration but may be revoked by the Department for cause before expiration. When any electrical equipment is to be hidden or concealed from view by the permanent construction of the building, the person, firm or corporation installing the equipment shall notify the Inspection Department and the equipment shall not be concealed until it has been inspected and approved or until two business days shall have elapsed from the time of the notification; provided that on any large installation, where the concealment of equipment proceeds in stages, the person, firm or corporation installing the equipment shall give the Inspection Department notice, and inspection shall be made periodically during the progress of the work.
(1980 Code, § 26.007)  Penalty, see § 54.99