§ 54.03  PERMITS.
   (A)   Generally.  A permit shall be required to construct, alter repair an electrical distribution system installed in any residence, apartment or commercial building within the limits of the city or (pursuant to § 162.225 of this code) within the contiguous territory within one and one-half miles beyond the corporate limits (herein “city jurisdiction”); provided no permit shall be required for maintenance or minor electrical work, work on distribution systems and related equipment owned by public utility companies or common carriers under the jurisdiction of the State Commerce Commission and used in their operations, or radio or television equipment used for wireless transmission or reception of sounds and signals. A permit shall further be required by the electrical contractor doing work in new construction or on major interior remodeling projects on premises of factory or commercial or industrial facility within the limits of the city jurisdiction; provided no permit shall be required for any electrical work performed by direct, full-time employees of industrial or manufacturing firms, and whose work shall be under direct control of a supervising electrician possessing a master electrician’s licenses issued under § 115.35(D). An electrical permit shall be required irrespective of whether other permits are required including, but not limited to building and plumbing permits. Prior to providing any equipment or service in connection with any electrical work, the applicable public utility shall require evidence that a permit hereunder has been issued.
   (B)   Fees.
      (1)   Generally.
Commercial/Industrial 120 to 480 Volts
Residential  120 to 240 Volts
100 Amp
101 to 200 Amp
201 to 400 Amp
401 to 600 Amp
601 to 800 Amp
801 to 1200 Amp
1201 to 1600 Amp
1601 to 2000 Amp
2001 to 3000 Amp
3001 to 4000 Amp
      (2)   Building wiring.
Commercial, Industrial Fee Structure
Building wiring (fee equals sum of 1, 2 and 3 below)
50 volts-480 volt wiring opening
3-24 openings
minimum charge of $75.00
208 volts-480 volts 1-2 openings
minimum charge of $75.00
$3.25 per each additional opening
Residential Fee Structure
Building wiring (fee equals sum of 1, 2 and 3 below)
50 volts-240 volt wiring opening:
3-40 openings
minimum charge of $40.00
121 volts-240 volts 1-2 openings
minimum charge of $40.00
$1 per each additional opening
   (C)   Certificate required.  Only electrical contractors holding valid certificates issued pursuant to Chapter 115 of this code shall be entitled to seek permits, unless the permitted work is to be performed by the owner of a single-family dwelling structure, when such structure serves as the owner or owners’ primary residence, except that owner-performed work shall be limited to branch circuits, beginning at the point of the final overcurrent device protecting the circuits and outlets. No permit can be assigned or transferred. Permitted electrical work shall be performed under the direct supervision and control of the permittee. Subcontracting of permitted electrical work shall be only to contractors licensed under Chapter 115 of this code and written notice of such contractor shall be submitted to the Electrical Inspector before electrical work commences by any subcontractor.
   (D)   Delinquent charge.  If the application for electrical permit is not filed with Electrical Inspector prior to the commencement of construction, alteration, repair, removal or demolition as provided above, the Electrical Inspector shall charge the applicant an additional fee equal to twice the fee specified above, and no permit shall be issued until the fee is paid.
(1980 Code, § 26.003)  (Ord. 8941, passed 4-1-2002; Ord. 8965, passed 12-23-2002; Ord. 9025, passed 10-4-2004; Ord. 9118, passed 1-28-2008; Ord. 9200, passed 12-19-2011)  Penalty, see § 54.99