Without limiting those powers and duties prescribed by law and ordinance, the Department of Purchasing shall:
   (A)   Purchase supplies, services and construction for all agencies of the city;
   (B)   Exercise general supervision and control over all inventories of supplies belonging to the city;
   (C)   Sell, trade or otherwise dispose of surplus supplies belonging to the city;
   (D)   Establish and maintain programs for the inspection, testing and acceptance of supplies, services and construction;
   (E)   Open all bids submitted to the city;
   (F)   Make recommendations to the City Council concerning the awarding of contracts for which bids have been received;
   (G)   Distribute or cause to be distributed to the various requesting agencies of the city supplies as may be purchased by the Department;
   (H)   (1)   Transfer supplies to or between the various requesting agencies of the city; and
      (2)   The Purchasing Director shall be empowered to:
         (a)   Adopt, promulgate and from time to time revise rules and regulations, consistent with the purchasing manual, governing the management, procurement, control and disposal of any and all supplies, services and construction to be procured by the city;
         (b)   Assume related activities as may be assigned by the Mayor or the City Council; and
         (c)   Place all advertisements for bids.
   (I)   Have authority to approve and authorize the trade-in of supplies (as defined in § 44.003 above) or other personal property of the city for credit or part payment against the cost of procuring similar property. The Purchasing Director may approve and the trade-in of property, without competitive bidding, provided:
      (1)   The cost of the procurement (excluding the value of the trade-in) does not exceed $3,000;
      (2)   The Purchasing Director has made a good faith determination that the trade-in credit is substantially equivalent to the fair market value of the supplies or property being traded; and
      (3)   The procurement of the replacement property or supplies (and the trade-in) are in the best interests of the appropriate department and the city.
(1980 Code, § 13.1605)