(A)   All veterinarians in the City of Quincy shall issue city cat registration tags for city residents at the time of inoculation, in accordance with § 90.047.
   (B)   Evidence of the cat tag shall be entered on certificates which shall be provided by the City of Quincy Police Department.
   (C)   The Quincy Police Department shall provide to veterinarians in the city, certificates requesting proper identification information for cats vaccinated. The information requested shall include but not be limited to the age, sex, breed, name, color, date of vaccination, and type of vaccination, the day received, as well as the name of the owner, current address, city or town, phone number, and signature of the veterinarian.
   (D)   Veterinarians in the City of Quincy shall properly record the information requested on each certificate for each cat vaccinated.
   (E)   The City of Quincy Police Department shall provide to veterinarians in the city serially numbered tags which shall be issued to cat owners who have their cat vaccinated at a cost of $6 per cat.
   (F)   Veterinarians in the City of Quincy shall collect, on behalf of the city, from each cat owner $6 per cat for the distribution of the cat tag and the recordation of information required by the certificate.
   (G)   Each veterinarian shall be allowed to keep $1 from each cat registration fee to defray the cost of administering the program.
   (H)   The Quincy Police Department shall obtain at least monthly the completed vaccination certificates and shall also collect the cat fees less the administrative costs.
   (I)   All cats over four months of age in the city shall have a cat registration tag.
(Ord. 9251, passed 12-23-2013)