Except where such use is conducted by the town or by others pursuant to a program organized by the town or a permit issued by the town, the following activities are prohibited in a town park, recreation facility or cemetery.
   (A)   Dangerous act. No person shall commit any act so as to endanger the health and safety of themselves or others.
   (B)   Speeding. Unless a different special limit is posted, a maximum speed of 15 mph shall be in effect at all times in the parking lots and streets running through the town park. The maximum speed limit in effect at all times in the cemetery parking lots and streets shall be five mph.
   (C)   Littering. No person shall dispose of trash, flyers or other unwanted items in any manner other than depositing them in a designated waste container.
   (D)   Urban camping. No person shall camp, set up living accommodations, store personal belongings or park recreation vehicles overnight, except in areas specifically for such use or specifically authorized by permit.
   (E)   Fires. No person shall start or sustain a fire, except for the combustion of charcoal in fire pits, grills or other areas as designated and approved for such use by the town. No person shall set fire to the contents of a trash container, or place or burn garbage in park grills. Park users shall abide by ail current fire rules and restrictions.
   (F)   Weapons. No person shall use archery, sling shots, rockets, darts, rocks or other projectile producing devices, unless specifically authorized by permit. A minor not accompanied by a parent, grandparent, guardian or certified hunter safety instructor or certified firearms safety instructor acting with the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian shall not possess a firearm in a park, except as permitted by A.R.S. § 13-3108(g)(2). No person shall discharge a firearm in a town park, except as permitted by A.R.S. § 13-3108(g)(5).
   (G)   Model rocketry. No person shall launch model rockets using propellants and motors, unless specifically authorized by permit.
   (H)   Fireworks. No person shall use fireworks, unless specifically authorized by permit.
   (I)   Animal control. All animals shall be under the custody and control of a responsible adult and must be on a leash not to exceed six feet at all times, except dogs are not required to be on a leash inside a town dog park. Owners or other persons in control of the animal shall remove waste created by the animal. Animals are subject to the town’s animal control ordinance.
   (J)   Animal capture; cruelty. Hunting, trapping, catching, wounding or killing, or treating cruelly, attempting to catch, wound or kill, any bird or animal, molest or rob any nest of any kind or any lair or burrow of any animal within the park is strictly prohibited.
   (K)   Disfiguration or removal of natural resources. No person shall disfigure, displace, remove or excavate, as applicable, any soil, rock, stone, sand, tree, shrub, cactus, plant material or other natural resource of any description.
   (L)   For-profit or personal gain. The town park shall not be used for profit or personal gain. Events for non-profit organizations, where an admission fee or a donation is charged, may only be held in the park with the permission of the town. A use fee may be charged.
   (M)   Supervision of children. Children, age eight and under, must be supervised by an adult while playing on the playground equipment.
(Prior Code, § 21-2-10)  (Ord. 18-08, passed 7-24-2018)  Penalty, see § 96.99