Whenever any animal, except a dog, bites a person, the person so bitten and the owner of the animal shall immediately notify the enforcement agent, who shall cause an examination of the animal to be made by a duly licensed physician or a duly license veterinarian, and shall order the animal held on the owner’s premises or shall have it impounded as long as necessary for a complete examination. If it is determined that the animal is infected with rabies or other dangerous, contagious and infectious disease, it shall be the duty of the enforcement agent to destroy such animal in as humane a manner as is reasonably possible. If, at the end of the quarantine or impoundment, a veterinarian is convinced that the animal is free from such disease, the animal shall be released. If the animal dies during the period of quarantine or impoundment, its head shall be sent to the laboratory at the Department of Health Services for examination.
(Prior Code, § 6-1-6)  Penalty, see § 90.99