(a)   All parking and loading berth areas shall be surfaced with permanent, dust free surfacing material.
   (b)   Where a parking or loading berth area adjoins a lot in an "A," "I" or "R" District, such a lot shall be protected by the erection and maintenance of a permanent fence, screen and/or plantings approved by the Commission.  Such protection shall not extend into the front or side yard required on the lot on which the parking or loading berth area is located.
   (c)   Any lights used to illuminate parking or loading berth areas shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from any adjoining premises that is in an "A," "I" or "R" District.
   (d)   Bumper guards and space lines shall be provided for the proper operation of a parking area and for protection of any required fence, screen and/or plantings.
   (e)   When a parking area is located wholly or partly in an "A," "I" or "R" District, the following shall apply in addition to the above:
      (1)   No commercial enterprise of any kind shall be established on the area.
      (2)   No fee shall be charged for parking thereon.
      (3)   No signs of any kind shall be erected, except those necessary for the orderly parking thereon.  (Ord. 540-89.  Passed 2-14-89.)
(Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)