1280.03  STANDARDS.
   The proposed use shall meet the following minimum requirements:
   (a)   The proposed use shall not create a navigational hazard.
   (b)   Issuance of a special use permit shall be conditional upon obtaining a permit or approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and/or any other Federal, State or local agency.  If granted, the special use permit, only becomes valid if the necessary approvals and/or permits are submitted to the Zoning Inspector as proof that they have been obtained.
   (c)   The applicant shall obtain a submerged land lease from the State of Ohio, if applicable.
   (d)   Where water and/or sewage facilities are required, said systems must be designed and accepted by the approving authority prior to the approval of the special use permit.
   (e)   Other requirements and conditions established by the Commission necessary to protect the public's health, safety, welfare and/or morals.
(Ord. 540-89.  Passed 2-14-89; Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)