1274.02  SPECIAL USES.
   The following special uses are subject to approval as provided for in Chapter 1288:
   (a)   Adult oriented business, as regulated by Section 1288.05;
   (b)   Community building and recreational field, community swimming pool, and community facility privately owned and operated;
   (c)   Contractor's establishment;
   (d)   Dwelling, multiple-family, including condominium;
   (e)   Dormitory;
   (f)   Go-cart track;
   (g)   Intravenous hydration services;
   (h)   Low impact wind-powered electric generator/windmill;
   (i)   Medical marijuana cultivator;
   (j)   Medical marijuana dispensary;
   (k)   Medical marijuana processor;
   (l)   Rental room;
   (m)   Any other special use listed in Section 1272.02, “Special Uses.”
(Ord. 1228-19. Passed 10-9- 19; Ord. 1247-2020.  Passed 3-23-20.)