After obtaining a valid zoning certificate in accordance with Section 1262.02, the following uses are permitted in the C-2 General commercial District:
   (a)   All uses permitted and as regulated in the C-1 Limited Commercial District;
   (b)   Accessory structure;
   (c)   Amusement enterprises, including skating rinks, bowling alleys, dancing halls, and games of skill, if conducted within an enclosed building, however, go-cart or other race tracks, drag strips, and similar noise creating enterprises are prohibited;
   (d)   Apartment hotel;
   (e)   Automobile and recreational vehicle sales area;
   (f)   Automobile service station, provided that activities other than pumping of gasoline are in an enclosed building;
   (g)   Automotive repair;
   (h)   Bakery;
   (i)   Bank;
   (j)   Barber or beauty shop;
   (k)   Bed and breakfast inn;
   (l)   Boat, boat cradle/boat trailer/boat rack storage, rental sites;
   (m)   Boat launching ramp, private;
   (n)   Boat launching ramp, public;
   (o)   Building materials, retail sales, if within an enclosed building;
   (p)   Carpenter or cabinet shop, if conducted wholly within an enclosed building;
   (q)   Community building and recreation field, community swimming pool, and community facility privately owned and operated;
   (r)   Dwelling, one-family, permanent use;
   (s)   Dwelling, one-family, temporary use;
   (t)   Dwelling, two-family;
   (u)   Funeral home or mortuary;
   (v)   Game room/arcade;
   (w)   Guest house;
   (x)   Home occupation, as defined in Section 1260.06;
   (y)   Hotel or motel;
   (z)   Laundry or dry cleaning shop;
   (aa)   Lodge or fraternal organization;
   (bb)   Mini storage building;
   (cc)   Motor vehicle storage;
   (dd)   Office, business or professional, including clinic and laboratory;
   (ee)   Office/storage building;
   (ff)   Parking area, public or customer, or garage, public when located as required in Chapter 1284;
   (gg)   Restaurant;
   (hh)   Rental vehicle business;
   (ii)   Retail store and business;
   (jj)   Shop: hobby, bicycle, shoe repair, upholstery, sign painting, or plumbing, if conducted within an enclosed building;
   (kk)   Tavern;
   (ll)   Theater;
   (mm)   Trade or commercial schools;
   (nn)   Warehouse and wholesale activity building.
(Ord. 1228-19. Passed 10-9-19.)