After obtaining a valid zoning certificate, in accordance with Section 1262.02, the following uses are permitted in the "A" Agricultural District:
   (a)   Accessory structure;
   (b)   Agriculture;
   (c)   Dwelling, one-family, permanent use;
   (d)   Golf course, except a golf course, miniature or practice driving range operated for commercial purposes;
   (e)   Guest house;
   (f)   Home occupation;
   (g)   Home office;
   (h)   Motor vehicle storage (enclosed, four or less vehicles, non-commercial);
   (i)   Nursery or greenhouse;
   (j)   Public parking area on a lot abutting a "C-1", "C-2" and/or "M" District when located and developed as required in Chapter 1284, and provided that the parking area does not extend more than 200 feet from the boundary of the "C-1", "C-2" and/or "M" District;
   (k)   Riding stable.
(Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)