Where thirty-nine percent or less of the frontage is developed with existing dwellings or structures, located on the same side of a street between two intersecting streets, or within 300 feet in either direction along the street from a proposed dwelling or structure, which are set back a greater distance than required herein, then such distance shall establish the setback line required for all dwellings or structures in such block.  However, no provision of this section shall be construed to permit any dwelling or structure to be placed nearer to a front street property line than the distance stated in the zoning code as it pertains to the front yard requirement of the district in which the property is located.  The provisions of this section shall be interpreted and enforced to prevent the construction of dwellings or structures in front of existing dwellings or structures, and thereby cutting off the view or otherwise being harmful to property owners having existing dwellings or structures.
(Ord. 540-89.  Passed 2-14-89; Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)