(a)   Definitions.
      (1)   “Swimming pool” is defined as a pool, pond, lake or open tank containing a depth of at least 1.5 feet of water at any point which is maintained by the owner.
      (2)   “Private swimming pool” is defined as a swimming pool which is exclusively used by residents and guests of a single household or a residential development or neighborhood. A private swimming pool does not include a “community swimming pool” as defined in Section 1260.06(41).
   (b)   General Requirements Private swimming pools shall be constructed and used as accessory structures.  No private swimming pool, exclusive of a portable swimming pool with a diameter of less than twelve square feet, is allowed in any residential district or commercial district except as an accessory structure.  Such pools shall comply with the following requirements:
      (1)   The pool shall be used solely by and for the enjoyment of the occupants of the property on which it is located and their guests.
      (2)   The pool may be located anywhere on the premises except in required front yards, provided that it shall not be located closer than twelve feet to any property line or easement.
      (3)   The swimming pool, or the entire property upon which it is located, shall be walled or fenced in such a manner as to prevent uncontrolled access.  No such fence shall be less than four feet in height, and it shall be maintained in good condition with a gate and a lock.
(Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11; Ord. 1215-19.  Passed 7-10-19.)