(a)   Front Yards.  The following shall apply to front yards in all districts:
      (1)   The front yard setback shall be measured from the road right-of-way.
      (2)   Interior lots having a frontage on two streets shall provide the required front yard on both streets.
      (3)   For residential uses on corner lots, only one front yard shall be required to meet the requirements of the district in which the property is located with the other front yards established at twenty-five feet.  For non-residential uses on corner lots, the required front yard shall be met on all streets.
      (4)   Where a lot is situated between two lots, each of which has a building, main which projects beyond the established front yard line and has been so maintained since the zoning code became effective, the front yard requirement of such lot shall be the average of the front yards of said existing buildings.
      (5)   Where a lot adjoins one lot having the conditions described in paragraph (a)(4) hereof, the front yard requirements of such lot shall be the average of the front yard of the existing building and the established front yard requirement of the district in which it is located.
      (6)   Boats, boat trailers, docks, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, campers, or like units shall not be parked and/or stored within the front yard.
      (7)   Thirty percent of a front yard shall be required to be maintained as green space as defined in the zoning code.
   (b)   Building Projections into Required Yards.
      (1)   Every part of a required yard shall be open to the sky, unobstructed by a building, except for accessory buildings in a rear yard, and except for the ordinary projection of sills, cornices, eaves, and ornamental features.
      (2)   Terraces, uncovered porches, decks and ornamental features which do not extend more than three feet above the ground may project into a required yard, provided that these projections shall be at least three feet from the adjacent rear or side lot lines.
      (3)   A balcony, fire escape, or awning may project into a required yard for a distance not exceeding ten feet.
      (4)   Patios, driveways, and like items at ground level are permitted in a required yard.
   (c)   Parking in Required Yards.  Except for the provisions of paragraph (a)(6) hereof, parking shall be permitted in all required yards except whenever any "C-1" or "C-2" District adjoins an "A," "I" or "R" District, the off-street parking for the commercial development shall not be located within the required front yard within a distance of fifty feet from the boundary of the "A," "I" or "R" District, nor shall the off-street parking be located within seven feet of the boundary of the side yard of the "A" "I" or "R" District.
(Ord. 540-89.  Passed 2-14-89.)
   (d)   Side Yard.  For lots recorded prior to the adoption of the zoning code or any amendments thereto whose existing lot widths do not meet the minimum lot width requirement of the district in which located, the following requirements shall apply for side yards for residential uses:
50' or less
51' – 60'
61' – 70'
71' – 75'
75' and more
(Ord. 1054-12.  Passed 12-10-12.)