1288.10  DECISION.
   The Commission shall reach a decision on any special use request within thirty days after the public hearing is completed.  The Commission shall take one of the following actions:
   (a)   Approve issuance of the special use permit by making an affirmative finding in writing that the proposed special use is to be located in a district wherein such use may be conditionally permitted, that all conditions for approval of such use in such district have been met unless a variance has been granted, and that such use will neither result in significant negative impacts upon nor conflict with surrounding uses. Such written findings may also prescribe supplementary conditions and safeguards specified by the Commission. Upon making an affirmative finding, the Commission shall direct the Zoning Inspector to issue a special use permit for such use, which shall list all conditions and safeguards specified by the Commission for approval.
   (b)   Make a written finding that the application is deficient in information or is in need of modification and is being returned to the applicant. Such finding shall specify the information and/or modifications which are deemed necessary.
   (c)   Make a written finding that the application is denied, such finding specifying the reason(s) for disapproval.
(Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)