(a)   The Village of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, shall enter into an agreement with the City of Port Clinton, Ohio, for emergency ambulance service.
   (b)   In consideration of the furnishing by the City of Port Clinton of emergency ambulance service, the Village of Put-in-Bay shall pay a fee per patient per call.  Such fee shall be determined from time to time by mutual agreement between the City of Port Clinton and the Village.
   (c)   The agreement shall be in force for the period of time commencing January 1 to December 31 on a yearly basis.
   (d)   The aforementioned service shall be from the Tri-County Airport, Carl Keller Field, Gypsum, Ohio.
   (e)   This section may be renewed by affirmative action of the Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay from year to year.
(Ord. 533.  Passed 12-8-88.)