(A)   Permit fees; general.
      (1)   Permit fees apply to all new construction and all alterations, repairs, and remodeling.
      (2)   No person, company, or corporation shall perform, or cause to be performed, any work on, or in, the unincorporated areas of the county without obtaining, in advance, a permit from the Building Department.
      (3)   Where a person shall unlawfully proceed to do any work or construction without a required permit, the permit fees shall be tripled as a penalty. The payment of such penalty shall not release the person in default from any other penalties hereafter provided.
   (B)   Single-family homes. Fees include attached garage and open deck when constructed with the new residence.
Service/Work to be Done
First 960 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft.
$0.25 per sq. ft. ($625 maximum)
Over 2,501 sq. ft. through 5,000 sq. ft.
$0.35 per sq. ft. ($1,750 maximum)
Over 5,000 sq. ft.
$0.50 per sq. ft.
   (C)   Multi-family units. Same as single-family homes on total square footage, plus $50 per unit for all units over one.
   (D)   Addition to living quarters. The fee shall be $0.35 per square foot ($25 minimum).
   (E)   Alterations, repairs, remodeling. Fire damage, storm related, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, total house renovation, changing garage or pole barns into living quarters, and other related repairs (if an attached deck is added at this time, no charge): Under $2,000, no permit; between $2,001 to $10,000, $50 fee; and over $10,000 requires a regular permit.
   (F)   Commercial/industrial.
Service/Work to be Done
$150 per unit, plus $0.15 per sq. ft.
$25 per unit, plus $0.15 per sq. ft.
New construction
$300, plus $0.15 per sq. ft.
   (G)   Attached/detached garage or accessory buildings, or additions to garages.
Service/Work to be Done
From 145 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft.
From 801 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft.
From 3,001 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft.
From 5,001 sq. ft. and over
   (H)   Other inspections required for post-frame buildings (pole barns).
      (1)   Other inspections may be required at the discretion of the Building Inspector.
      (2)   Any wiring or plumbing that is installed, prior to the covering of walls or floors.
      (3)   Any post-frame or detached garage used for living quarters will require a single-family home permit, and be inspected as such.
   (I)   Electrical alterations, upgrade, or meter installation. Access to any panels inside the building would be required.
Service/Work to be Done
201 amps to 400 amps
401 amps and over
Temporary electrical service
Up to 200 amps
   (J)   Other fees.
Service/Work to be Done
Service/Work to be Done
Enclosed decks or porches
Inground pools*
Mobile home placement
Second and additional re-inspection
Re-roof or re-side
Notes to Table
*   Must be fenced with five-foot security fence.
   (K)   No permit needed. The following services require no permit:
      (1)   Billboards;
      (2)   Towns and site improvement;
      (3)   New driveways;
      (4)   Door replacement;
      (5)   Storm doors;
      (6)   Windows (same size only);
      (7)   Garage door replacement;
      (8)   Porch steps;
      (9)   Painting and decorating, inside and outside;
      (10)   Gutter replacement;
      (11)   Concrete work (driveways, walks, steps, and patios); and
      (12)   All types of fences (except inground pool fencing).
   (L)   Other inspections, not enumerated. Any other inspection required not enumerated above is $25.
   (M)   Re-inspections. After the issuance of any building permit, the Building Commissioner shall make, or shall cause to be made, inspection of the work being done as is necessary to ensure full compliance with the provision of this section and the terms of the permit. Re-inspections of work found to be incomplete or not ready for inspection are subject to assessment of re-inspection fees as prescribed in this section. The Building Commissioner shall adopt rules regarding the number and periods for which inspections should occur.
   (N)   Stop order. Whenever any construction work is being done, and contrary to the provisions of this section, the Building Commissioner, or his or her designated representative, shall order the work stopped by notice, in writing, by serving the same on any person engaged in doing, or causing, work to be done on such construction site or, if a person is not available, by leaving a copy of the stop order attached to the prominent entrance to such building or structure. All work shall cease until further authorized by the Building Commissioner to proceed. Failure to stop work as ordered by the Building Commissioner shall be subject to the individual responsible, general and/or subcontractor, and property owner, to fines and/or penalties as provided by the county code.
   (O)   Certificate of occupancy. No certificate of occupancy for any building or structure erected, altered, or repaired after the effective date of this section shall be issued unless such building or structure was erected, altered, or repaired in compliance with this section. In the event of any building which has already begun construction at the adoption of this section, all inspections shall begin according to the inspection schedule to be adopted by the Building Commissioner, depending on the phase that such building is in at the time of the adoption of this section.
   (P)   Workmanship standards. All work under construction, alteration, and/or repair of buildings, or other structures, shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner according to the accepted standards and practices in the trade.
   (Q)   Violations; schedule of fines.
      (1)   The County Board of Commissioners shall adopt a schedule of fines and penalties for violations of this section. Such fines and penalties shall serve as a standardized method for assessments based on violations as determined by the Building Commissioner, or his or her representative. The assessment of such fines and penalties will be utilized in lieu of court action for any violation of this section. In the event that court action is necessary for the enforcement of any provision of this section, the fines and penalties, as prescribed herein, shall apply. Any payment of fines shall be paid to the County Unsafe Building Fund through the County Building Commissioner.
Failure to obtain a building permit
Triple the cost of a building permit
Failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy
Double the cost of the permit
Failure to obtain inspection
Failure to obtain registration
Expired registration
$50, plus registration fee
Inaccurate permit
Double the cost of a new permit
Violation of stop order
      (2)   In addition to the fines assessed in division (Q)(1) above, when there is a failure to pay or there is a continued violation, the individual will be subject to the provisions of this section which allows the assessment of fines not to exceed $2,500, plus attorney’s fees and costs of enforcement, should such legal action be necessary for enforcement.
   (R)   Effective date. The grandfather provision has the intent that all inspections will take place at the level in which construction is currently in effect based on the inspection procedures adopted by the Building Commission, concerning the stage of construction.
   (S)   Contractor registration.
      (1)   Any person who engages in the business of general roof, insulation, electrical, plumbing, masonry, well installation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, excavating, or other ancillary work related to construction in the county shall first procure a contractor’s registration permit. There shall be only one registration permit per contractor. Such contractor will list the specified fields of work in which such contractor will perform such construction work. The registration permit shall be on a form prescribed by the Building Commissioner. In the case of applications by corporations, partnerships, or other forms of business associations, the application for a contractor’s registration permit may be made by an officer, or other designated employee, of such business association, corporation, or partnership.
      (2)   The Building Commissioner shall have the power and duty to receive all applications for registration for all crafts and trades. He or she shall review the application, and approve or disapprove the application for registration.
      (3)   The Building Commissioner shall have the right to revoke, or suspend, any registration issued upon his or her investigation, upon satisfactory proof that the holder of the registration permit has willfully, intentionally, or repeatedly violated any provisions of this section or laws of the state pertaining to his or her business, for incompetence, or misconduct, in the practice of his or her business, for deceit or fraud in obtaining the registration, for irresponsible financial practices, or for any other reason or ground specified in this section.
      (4)   A general contractor must ensure all subcontractors are registered pursuant to this section.
      (5)   The Building Commissioner shall not issue a building permit if such contractors, general contractors, or subcontractors are not registered as provided herein.
      (6)   For the application, the Building Commissioner shall require all applicants to furnish the following information:
         (a)   A statement of the applicant’s proposed contracting business;
         (b)   The type of contractor’s registration applied for;
         (c)   Name, residence, and business address of the applicant;
         (d)   If the applicant is a partnership, joint venture, corporation, or other type of business association or firm, the name and business address of such organization, the name and residence of all officers, directors, and partners, as the case may be, and their interest in such organization;
         (e)   A list of all businesses owned, operated, and managed by the applicant, or in which the applicant has had an interest of any kind during the last five years, and the addresses of these businesses; and
         (f)   Three references from reputable business and professional people, not related by blood or marriage to the applicant, from the county of the applicant, attesting to the applicant’s reputation as to honesty, integrity, and good character.
      (7)   (a)   The Building Commissioner shall reject the application if he or she finds:
            1.   The applicant has committed an act within the past three years which, if committed or done by a registered contractor, would be grounds for suspension or revocation of a registration permit; or
            2.   The applicant has been convicted of a crime within the past five years involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or lack of integrity, whereby the applicant has benefitted, or whereby some injury has been sustained by another.
         (b)   The decision of the Building Commissioner to reject an application shall be subject to review by the County Board of Commissioners, which shall affirm or reverse the decision upon a majority vote at a public hearing. All decisions of the Building Commissioner shall be final subject to the appeal procedure to the County Board of Commissioners.
      (8)   Before being granted a contractor’s permit, each applicant shall show the following proof of insurance, and file the same with the Building Commissioner.
         (a)   Public liability and property damage insurance in the amount not less than $300,000; in the case of damage or injury to one person, and not less than $500,000; in the case of damage or injury to more than one person and $50,000 property damage; or $500,000 bodily injury and property damage combined single limit.
         (b)   Workmans’ compensation insurance coverage, as required by state law.
         (c)   Each contractor shall show proof of a $5,000 annual bond payable to the county.
         (d)   All insurance and bond shall be issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in the state. Failure to provide such certificate of insurance and bonding, or to allow the same to lapse, shall be grounds for denial of the application or revocation of the contractor’s registration permit.
      (9)   (a)   After proper application, the Building Commissioner will issue a contractor’s registration permit.
         (b)   The applicant will pay a fee of $50 for the issuance of a first permit which shall be granted for a 12-month period.
         (c)   Once a contractor has had a registration permit issued, renewal of such permit will be automatic from year to year, on each anniversary date, with the payment of a $25 fee.
         (d)   Failure to renew a permit within ten days after notice of expiration will constitute a need for a re-application of such registration permit.
         (e)   The registration permit issued by the Building Commissioner shall not be transferable to any other firm, name, or business other than the name to which it was issued.
(Ord. 2006-4, passed 5-15-2006)