(A)   The Board has ordained that it is in the best interest of the employees, Board members, and the public to restrict the possession of deadly weapons in county facilities as set forth herein.
   (B)   A DEADLY WEAPON is defined, for the purpose of this section, as:
      (1)   A loaded or unloaded firearm (defined as any weapon which is capable of or designed to or that may be readily converted to expel a projectile); or
      (2)   Weapon, device, taser (as defined by I.C. 35-47-8-3), or electronic stun weapon (as defined by I.C. 35-47-8-1) equipment, chemical substance, knife or explosives or other material that could be used or is intended by design to be used, or capable of causing bodily injury.
   (C)   A person shall not, at any time, possess on or about his or her person, or bring into or store upon the following county buildings, a deadly weapon or firearm:
      (1)   Pulaski County Justice Center and its curtilage; and
      (2)   Pulaski County Courthouse and its curtilage.
   (D)   A person shall not possess on or about his or her person, or bring into or store upon any county building or its curtilage, a firearm or deadly weapon when the following conditions are in place:
      (1)   The Sheriff or at least one of his or her deputies is stationed at the public entrance to the building; and/or
      (2)   Metal detection equipment is being utilized by the Sheriff or deputies who have been adequately trained to conduct inspections of persons entering the building by use of metal detection equipment and physical pat down searches and anyone who enters the building and any bag, package, and or other container in their possession is inspected by the Sheriff or his or her deputies.
   (E)   The only exceptions to this section are qualifying law enforcement officers under I.C. 35-31.5-2-185, a judicial officer under I.C. 35-47-16-1, or other qualifying exceptions under I.C. 35-47-11.1-4.
(Ord. 2020-06, passed 4-20-2020)  Penalty, see § 10.99