A.   Required; Amount: Before the issuance of a permit for doing any of such work as described in section 7-2-1 of this chapter, the applicant shall deposit with the city clerk, in cash, a sum to cover the cost of replacement and repair of any such street, avenue, alley, sidewalk, pavement or other public ground and the surface thereof by the city in the same condition as the same was prior to the time of doing any work as described in section 7-2-1 of this chapter. The amount of the cash deposit shall be as set by the city based on the linear feet of excavation and the type of surface: asphalt, concrete, gravel or earthen.
   B.   Adjustments: The amount of the cash deposit above required is for normal or ordinary excavations and the city may make adjustments in the amount of such cash deposit when conditions, including when the width or area of excavation are such that the cost of making repairs and replacements of such excavation or alterations, including surfaces, shall be less than or greater than the cost for the usual, normal or ordinary excavations or alterations. (See appendix A of this code.) (1988 Code § 14-202)