A.   Ownership Identification: Whenever a stolen vehicle is located by police and the registered owner cannot be found within a reasonable time not exceeding one hour, or cannot be determined from the registration papers or other identifying media in the vehicle or from records or information available from reports of stolen cars, the vehicle may be removed to the nearest authorized place to impoundment and the registered owner of the vehicle shall be notified of the location of the place of impoundment as soon as possible by the Police Department.
   B.   Removal By Owner: If the registered owner is identified, located and notified of the recovery of the stolen vehicle, the owner shall be given the right to make his own arrangement for the removal of the vehicle within the period of one hour from the time he is actually notified of its recovery, and if the owner is unable or unwilling to effect the removal within the time specified, the vehicle may be impounded. (1988 Code § 15-1313)