A.   Golf carts and utility vehicles shall not be operated upon the city streets excepting only:
      1.   Where such operation of a golf cart or utility vehicle is in compliance with the applicable provisions of 47 Oklahoma Statutes; or
      2.   Where the operation of a golf cart or utility vehicle is conducted in relationship to public or private events or gatherings and has been authorized by the city pursuant to the issuance of a permit, which shall be valid for one year from date of issuance, which permit shall have been approved by the chief of police of the city and the mayor, subject to such conditions and restrictions to be noted upon the permit as may be determined in the discretion of the chief of police and mayor to be in the best interest of the public safety under the circumstances for which said permit is issued; and
      3.   In the case of operation under subsection A1 or A2 of this section it is required that the owner of the golf cart have at all times of operation, a current general public liability policy of insurance which insurance shall insure against losses to persons and property related to the operation of said golf cart or utility vehicle and which policy shall be subject to the satisfaction of the city; and evidence of the existence of which shall be required for issuance of the permit required under subsection A2 of this section. (Ord. 2012-8, 12-4-2012)
   B.   Fees for golf cart or utility vehicle operated on city streets:
      1.   The city council, by motion or resolution, shall determine the fees to be charged for permitted use of golf carts or utility vehicles operated on city streets. See appendix A, "Schedule Of Fees And Charges", of this code. (Ord. 2012-9, 12-4-2012)