A.   Records Required: The Municipal Judge shall keep a record of every traffic citation deposited with or presented to the Court and shall keep a record of every official action by the Court or its Traffic Violations Bureau in reference thereto, including, but not limited to, a record of every conviction, forfeiture of bail, judgment of acquittal, and the amount of fine or forfeiture.
   B.   Abstract To State: Within ten (10) days after the conviction or forfeiture of bail of a person upon a charge of violating any provision of this Title or other law regulating the operation of vehicles on highways, the Municipal Judge or Clerk of the Court in which the conviction was had or bail was forfeited shall prepare and immediately forward to the State Department of Public Safety a certified abstract of the Court's record of the case. An abstract need not be made of any conviction involving the illegal parking or standing of a vehicle.
   C.   Information Required: The abstract must be made upon a form furnished by the State Department of Public Safety and shall include the name and address of the party charged, the number of his operator's or chauffeur's license, the registration number of the vehicle involved, the nature of the offense, the date of hearing, the plea, the judgment, whether bail was forfeited, and the amount of the fine or forfeiture. (1988 Code § 15-227)