(A)   Office of Plan Commission. The Plan Commission shall consist of seven members appointed as follows:
      (1)   The Town Council shall appoint three persons in the municipal government as members of the Plan Commission;
      (2)   The Town Council shall appoint four citizen members who are not elected or appointed members of the municipal government, of whom no more than two may be of the same political party.
   (B)   Term of appointments. Each new appointment to the Plan Commission shall be made for a term of four years:
      (1)   The term of each member shall expire on the first Monday of January of the fourth year after the year of the member's appointment. A member serves until his or her successor is appointed and qualified. A member is eligible for reappointment.
      (2)   If a vacancy occurs among the members of the Plan Commission, the Town Council shall appoint a member for the unexpired term of the vacating member. In addition, the Town Council may appoint an alternate member to participate with the Plan Commission in any hearing or decision in which the regular member has a disqualification under division (C) of this section.
      (3)   An appointed member who misses three consecutive regular meetings of the Plan Commission shall be deemed to have resigned. An appointed member who misses regular Plan Commission meetings because they are out of state or unable to attend because of illness is excused for those reasons if the appointed member informs the Town Council of such excuse prior to the Town Council appointing someone to fill the member's position.
   (C)   Conflict. A member of the Plan Commission may not participate in a hearing or decision of the Board concerning a zoning matter in which he or she has a direct or indirect financial interest. For the purpose of this section the term “zoning matter” does not include the preparation or adoption of a comprehensive plan. The Plan Commission shall enter in its records:
      (1)   The fact that a regular member has such a disqualification and,
      (2)   The name of the alternate member, if any, who participated in the hearing or decision in place of the regular member.
   (D)   Proceedings of the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission shall adopt rules necessary for the conduct of its affairs in keeping with the provisions of this chapter;
      (1)   At the first meeting of each year the Commission shall elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson from its members;
      (2)   Meetings shall be held at the call of the Chairperson or at other times which the Commission deems it necessary;
      (3)   All meetings shall be open to the public;
      (4)   The Commission shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the vote of each member for each question, or if absent or failing to vote indicating such;
      (5)   The Commission shall also keep records of its examinations and other official actions all of which shall be of public record and be immediately filed in the office of the Plan Commission;
   (E)   Duties of the Plan Commission. For the purposes of this chapter, the Plan Commission shall have the following duties:
      (1)   To initiate proposed amendments to this chapter;
      (2)   To review all proposed amendments to this chapter and make recommendations to the Town Council;
      (3)   To review and make findings on development plans for subdivisions, commercial structures, industrial structures, planned unit developments within the Commission's jurisdiction;
      (4)   To review and revise the zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, and other land use regulations to keep them up-to-date;
      (5)   Tender interpretations of this chapter as may be necessary from time to time;
(Ord. 172, §§ 3-100 - 3-104, passed 4-5-90; Am. Ord. 188, passed 2-10-92; Am. Ord. 216, passed 5-8-95; Am. Ord. 267, passed 6-28-99)