No person shall begin a land disturbing activity subject to this chapter without receiving approval of an erosion control plan. An application should be made at the time of the preliminary plat submittal or local improvement location permit application to minimize the time delay before a project can begin.
   (A)   Content of erosion control plan for land disturbing activities covering more "than one acre in a given site.
      (1)   Existing site map. A map of existing site conditions on a minimum scale of one inch equals 100 feet and adequate to show the site and adjacent areas, including:
         (a)   Site boundaries and adjacent lands which accurately identify the site location;
         (b)   Lakes, streams, wetlands, channels, ditches, and other water courses on and adjacent to the site;
         (c)   One hundred year floodplain, floodway fringes, and floodway;
         (d)   Location of the predominant soil types as identified by the soil survey or as determined by a certified professional soil scientist;
         (e)   Vegetative cover such as grass, weeds, and trees;
         (f)   Location and dimensions of storm water drainage systems and natural drainage patters on and immediately adjacent to the site;
         (g)   Locations and dimensions of utilities, structures, roads, highways, and paving; and
         (h)   Site topography at a contour interval not to exceed five feet.
      (2)   Plan of final site conditions. A plan of final site conditions on the same scale as the existing site map showing the site changes.
      (3)   Site construction plan. A site construction plan including:
         (a)   Locations and dimensions of all proposed  land disturbing activities;
         (b)   Locations and dimensions of all temporary soil stockpiles;
         (c)   Locations and dimensions of all erosion control measures necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter;
         (d)   Schedule of the anticipated starting and completion dates of each land disturbing activity, including the installation of erosion control measures needed to meet the requirements of this ordinance; and
         (e)   Provisions for maintenance of the erosion control measures during construction.
   (B)   Content of erosion control plan for land disturbing activities covering less than one acre in a given state. An erosion control plan statement describing the site and erosion control measures and including a development schedule and a simple map showing the locations of the control measures is all that is required.
   (C)   Review of erosion control plan. The administering authority shall promptly review the application and erosion control plan in conjunction with the subdivision plat and local improvement permit application to determine whether the requirements of this chapter have been met. If the conditions are met, the administering authority shall approve the plan, inform the applicant, and issue a permit. If the conditions are not met, the administering authority shall inform the applicant in writing and either may require additional information or may disapprove the plan. If requested additional information is submitted, the administering authority shall again determine whether the plan meets the requirements of this chapter. If the plan is disapproved, the administering authority shall inform the applicant in writing giving reasons for disapproval.
   (D)   Permits.
      (1)   Surety bond. As a condition of approval and issuance of the permit, the administering authority may require the applicant to provide a surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit when the erosion control plan has been approved to guarantee a good faith execution of the erosion control plan and any permit conditions.
      (2)   Permit conditions. The applicant is required to:
         (a)   Notify the building inspector at least 24 hours before commencing with any land disturbing activity;
         (b)   Notify the building inspector of the completion of erosion control measures within seven days after their installation;
         (c)   Obtain permission from the Building Inspector prior to modifying the erosion control plan;
         (d)   Install all erosion control measures as identified in the approved erosion control plan.
         (e)   Maintain all road drainage systems, storm water drainage systems, erosion control measures, and other facilities identified in the erosion control plan until the project has been terminated (see § 152.103 for continuing maintenance responsibility);
         (f)   Where access may be legally obtained, remove sediment resulting from land disturbing activities from adjacent surfaces and drainageways and/or repair erosion damage to adjacent surfaces and drainages.
(Ord. 172, § 9-500, passed 4-5-90)