All uses established or placed into operation after the effective date of this chapter shall comply with the following performance standards in the interest of protecting public, health, safety, welfare, and lessening injury to property. No use in existence on the effective date of this chapter shall be so altered or modified as to conflict with these standards.
   (A)   Fire protection. Fire fighting equipment and prevention measures acceptable to the local fire department shall be readily available and apparent when activity involving the handling or storage of flammable or explosive materials is conducted.
   (B)   Electrical disturbance.  No use shall cause electrical disturbance adversely affecting radio, television or other equipment in the vicinity.
   (C)   Noise.  No use shall produce noise in such a manner as to be objectionable because of volume, frequence, intermittence, heat, shrillness, or vibration. The noise shall be muffled or otherwise controlled so as not to become detrimental, provided however, that public safety sirens and related apparatus used solely for public purposes shall be exempt from this standard.
   (D)   Vibration.  No use shall cause vibrations or concussions detectable beyond lot lines without the aid of instruments.
   (E)   Odor.  No use shall emit across the lot lines malodorous gas or matter in such a quantity as to be readily detectable at any point along the lot lines.
   (F)   Air pollution.  No use shall discharge across lot lines flyash, dust, smoke, vapors, noxious, toxic or corrosive matter, or other air pollutants in such concentration as to be detrimental to health, animals, vegetation or property.
   (G)   Heat and glare.  No use shall produce heat and glare in such manner as to create a nuisance perceptible from any point beyond the lot lines.
   (H)   Water pollution. No use shall produce erosion or other pollutants in such quantity as to be detrimental to adjacent properties and conflict with water pollution standards established by public agencies.
   (I)   Waste matter.  No use shall accumulate within the lot discharge beyond the lot lines any waste matter, whether liquid or solid, in violation of applicable public health, safety and welfare standards and regulations.
(Ord. 172, § 7-1800, passed 4-5-90)  Penalty, see § 152.999