(A)   Public street requirements.
      (1)   All public streets shall be dedicated to the public and improved and constructed in accordance with the standards set forth in the subdivision control ordinance for the town.
      (2)   The right-of-way of all streets indicated on the comprehensive plan for the town within the project shall be dedicated to the public, or the right-of-way thereof shall be reserved for future dedication or acquisition.
   (B)   Requirements for private driveways - all residential districts.
      (1)   All residential driveways shall be designed with sufficient width and length to provide off-street parking space for a minimum of two motor vehicles. The minimum width of such driveways shall be 15 feet.
      (2)   All residential driveways shall, at a minimum, be improved with compacted aggregate base to adequately provide a durable surface.
      (3)   All residential driveways shall be privately maintained (not by governmental agencies) in good condition and free of weeds, dirt, trash and debris.
      (4)   No fence, wall, hedge, tree, shrub, or other sign obstruction shall be located so as to materially impede the view of any street, highway or railroad intersection with a residential driveway.
(Ord. 172, §§ 7-1300 - 17-1302, passed 4-5-90)  Penalty, see § 152.999